Saturday, January 28, 2012

Okay folks!  I finally did it!  Created my own blog!  I'm so excited although I'm learning on the job being an old-schooler and all, but I think with the help of my kids I'll be able to work this.

I wanted to do a blog as an easy accessible way to show off my stuff.  I love making cards and spend most my waking day just creating them...hence the nic...Cardmaking Addict!  And part of this neurosis is the need to share!  (Smile!)

I am inspired by many others cardmaking bloggers who make such beautiful cards and I am trying to perfect my craft to get to their level so please don't be so critical yet!  LOL!  It's all good though.  That's how you learn. 

Anyway we will start with a few of my cards.  Hope you like them!   

I know...I know!  A few is less than four!  LOL!  Thanks for checking in though!  And feel free to peek in often.  Shout out to my son who helps me take the photos.  I appreciate you!  Talk to you all real soon!

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