Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good Morning!

Good morning!  It's 3:30 am, and the insomniac I am was up making a couple of cards.  Yes...I do have to be at work at 8 am but oh well!  LOL.

I made a Thank You card for a special person who did a great favor for me.  The favor was huge and really appreciated.  He hasn't seen it yet so you will get to see it before he does. 

I don't make a lot of masculine cards because I love pretty flowers, birds, butterflies, and all that pretty girly stuff, but I like how this masculine card came out.

I also made another card this morning which could be masculine or feminine and could be used for almost any occasion:

So  cute!  Hope you like them as much as I do! 

Oh well, Work in 4 1/2 hours!  See you soon!  Good night!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm back!

Hey all!  I'm sorry I dissed you for a while.  I even missed Mother's Day here so Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.  But everyday is Mother's Day for me! 

I was so very busy the last few weeks.   I recently returned from a 7 day cruise to Bermuda and had an awesome time!   What a beautiful country.  I definitely want to go back again.  And the cruise boat!  This was my first and I just couldn't believe it.  A hotel on water.  That truly was a vacation of a lifetime!

Me on the balcony of my cabin headed to Bermuda

So I didn't miss work or my daily routine as I was cruising...but I sure did miss making my cards.  They did have some scrapbooking activities on board where they supplied you with embellishments and a box and frame to alter, but no scissors or glue.  It wasn't what I expected but I went anyway as the junkie I am.  LOL.

Anyway, got rid of my sea legs, and settled back into the routine and made a couple of cards.  So here they are...


So there you go.  And many more to come.  I am still trying to get into making wedding invites and other invites as well.  Hopefully I will get to them soon. 

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Fun Cards!

Hey again!  Twice in one day.  Since I don't post as often as I like I'd thought I'd make it up today for lost time.

I love making beautiful, floral cards.  The more butterflies and birds and bling the better!  Yet a lot of people don't share the love I have for nature themed cards.  So I do try to make a lot of fun cards as well. 

Since I am in a cardmaking frenzy right now I made a few fun cards that I am going to post for your enjoyment.  Here goes...

There you go!  Done for today!  Hope you enjoyed them!

I'm still trying to work on my picture taking skills.   One day I'll get that together and we will be in business!  Smile! 

Thanks for peeking in!

Here Comes the Bride!

Hey!  Long time no hear.  I've been busy and sort of neglectful to my babies.  But I do love making my cards!

I decided to make some wedding cards after shopping at Michael's and buying a cute little bride and groom stamp by "Stampendous" called the Happy Couple.  It was on sale and of course I had one of Michael's famous coupons so it was dirt cheap!  I love to shop at my Michael's!

Anyway, I went crazy making some wedding cards using the same stamp and here are four of them that I want to share.  Hope you love them!

I think they would make beautiful invitations as well.  They almost make me want to get married!  NOT!  LOL!  Anyway, I hope you like them. 

I'm in a cardmaking frenzy right now so I will be back later today with some more of my creations.  Until then...