Monday, February 27, 2012

Hi People!

Hope you had a really great day.  Now that I am home from work my day has definitely improved!  LOL! 

I have been working on some fun cards after being inspired by creations by some of my counterparts on various cardmakers blogs.  I had fun making them.  Check them out:

Aren't they cute?  LOL!  Takes me back to the good old days!  I used the Cricut machine to cut out the lizard.  I cut about 4 lizards and layered them on top of each other for thickness.  The camera is a hand cut piecing that I got from Scrapbook.etc site.  They have loads of cool piecings for free on their site.  I highly recommend a visit there if you like that sort of thing.

I know I really need a better camera to take my pics.  Hopefully I will get one soon.  In the meantime I hope you enjoyed.  Talk to ya soon!


  1. Check it out, these are so amazing! Such fine and wonderful details! You make some darling cards!

  2. oh shap what a great idea this is really great ,, love it. these cards are great