Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Saturday!  A day of to speak...from the drudgery of the routine work week and time for me to make more cards!  I have been so busy creating new cards.  I made these two new cards using my Grand Calibur...a gift from Santa Claus this last Christmas...thank you Santa!  LOL!  The Grand Calibur combined with the Cricut (and the Craftroom) is the dynamic duo of the greeting card world as far as I'm concerned!  I'm just having fun!  Truly awesome! 

So its time that I share my two new babies with you.  Hope you like them...

I'm still working on that camera.  Maybe Santa could bring me one although its not Christmas time.  A sista can only hope!  LOL! 

I'm not going to say goodbye because I am trying to create a card and post it by the end of the day to compete in some type of greeting card contest thingy or something.  I hopefully will submit it in time and win the contest!  So look for me later on.  Good luck me!

Until later!

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